Update v.1.3.0


Free demo

A free demo has been added on Steam.

This demo allows you to try your hand at the game with a limited set of heroes to see if you’re ready to handle the full power of Bestiary. In this free edition, all game modes are unlocked including ranked, practice vs AI and custom lobbies which you can play with owners of the full version or other demo users. However only 18 out of 27 characters are available and access to the leaderboard remains limited to the full version.

Time control

Doubled ban/summoning phase time and overtime.

Ban/Summoning Phase

Main time            


No time control





30 sec

3 min

30 sec


1 min

5 min

1 min


2 min

10 min

2 min

Hero changes

  • Vinctum. Reworked Iron Mask. Target: any ally/enemy hero in an adjacent hex. Cooldown: 1 base, +1 for each missing point of Health on Vinctum.
  • Vinctum. Prisoner’s Shackles. Cooldown changed from 1/3/6 to 2/3/4.
  • Mortum. Vampiric Drain. Cooldown changed: 5 base, -1 for each missing point of Health on Mortum.
  • Toxicum. Poisoner’s Kit. Cooldown increased from 1 to 2.
  • Toxicum. Vial of Venom. Cooldown reduced from 3 to 1.
  • Fidea. Take Wing area increased. Target: Fidea or any ally hero anywhere on the field.
  • Frigus. Spell of Frost. Cooldown changed: 2 base, +1 if Caballus is on the field.


  • Fixed cases of defeat when turn was completed in the last seconds of the game.
  • Fixed cases of Toxicum poisoning allies.
  • Fixed a bug with the inability of Goetium to move an ally to the castle.
  • Improved network stability.