Update v.2.0.0


New heroes

Added 9 new heroes. Now there are 36 heroes in the game - they are placed in four rows of 9 in each. The first two rows are available in the free demo, the third in the full version, and the lower fourth row are unlocked in New Heroes DLC.


Added the function of reconnecting when the connection to the server is broken (the game client must remain running).


Added a function of hard sync the game state when passing a turn.

Ban/Summoning Phase

Added the possibility to view already summoned heroes and ban locked heroes.


Added a notification if the enemy surrendered or left the post-match chat.

Hero changes

  • Tempus. Timepiece area changed. Target: any ally/enemy hero anywhere on the field. Tempus can no longer use the skill on himself.
  • Ferrarius. Hammer. Cooldown increased from 3 to 4.
  • Frigus. Spell of Frost. Cooldown changed +1 only if Caballus is among the allies.


  • Fixed a bug where Caballus could not move an ally with Resistance.