Update v.2.2.1


Hero changes

  • Cerberus. Vehemence. Cooldown changed: 3 base, +1 if Cerberus is in a Forest/Mountain hex, +2 in a Water hex.
  • Clamoris. Life-piercing Cry. The target of the attack has been changed. Target: any wounded enemy hero on any hex on a straight line from this hero’s location.
  • Illesebra. Lifelust. Added condition of use. Target: any wounded ally hero anywhere on the field.
  • Magnus. Darkstone. Cooldown changed from 2-4 to 3.
  • Fidea. Resurrection. Cooldown changed: 3 base, -1 if your target and Fidea are in a Water hexes.
  • Toxicum. Poisoner’s Kit. Cooldown increased from 3(2) to 4(3).


  • Fixed a bug with inability to attack when Librorum is in the castle and the target is on a Plain hex.
  • Fixed a bug with displaying Eresida's web on the battlefield in AI-mode.