Registration for the SIGILLUM SUMMER CUP 2022 Bestiary of Sigillum tournament is open and will last until 18:00 (MSK +3GMT) on August 14, 2022.

Two-stage tournament: participants compete in two groups separately; the winners advance to the final stage.

  • Group stage. After registration, the players will be divided into two groups according to their rating (the player with the highest rating goes to group A, the next highest to group B, and so on). Games in groups are played in a circular system - each plays bo2 (two games) with each one. Players who took 1st and 2nd places in each group go to the upper bracket of the final stage, and 3rd and 4th places - to the lower one.
  • The final stage follows the Olympic system with elimination after two defeats (Double Elimination). The games of the upper bracket are played in bo3 format (up to two wins), in the lower bracket - bo3 (up to two victories), the grand final - bo5 (up to three victories).

All games are played in the «Custom game» mode, time control is rapid, the strength of locks is medium, the ban stage is present, without doubled damage during exile. In the starting game, a participant whose rating is higher at the time of the game plays for the South Castle. In subsequent games, the sides alternate. There are no restrictions on unlocked creatures, the player can take part in the tournament with a free demo.

After the start of the tournament, based on the tournament grid, the players independently contact the enemy via Discord and conduct a series of games. The publication of materials on the tournament, game results, discussion of games takes place on the Discord-server of the tournament. To simplify communication, each participant will have to indicate on the #registration channel their nickname on Steam and their current rating. The winner of each game posts a screenshot with post-match statistics on the #results-games channel, indicating in text the six characters blocked in the match. If desired, players can open the broadcast of their games. Game discussions on the #discussion channel. The winner of the series independently indicates the score of the meeting in the tournament grid.

When agreeing on a date for a match, players should strive for a reasonable timing of the winner of each series. In case of prolonged waiting for an opponent lagging behind in the tournament grid, the referee (Intaglyph) has the right to credit him for a technical defeat.

In case of any unresolved disputes or other questions, the judge can be contacted via Discord.

Update v.2.4.1


  • Fixed a bug with using Hell Portal by Illesebra in the castle.
  • Lignum no longer moves the target with resistance.
  • Eresida and Lignum can no longer select a target in the opponent's castle to move.

Update v.2.4.0


  • Arborus. Shield of the Forest area changed. Target: Arborus or any ally hero anywhere on the field.
  • Brewus. Beer Cask. Removed condition of use. Target: any enemy hero on any hex on a straight line from this hero’s location. Cooldown: 5 base, -1 for each target's support ability on cooldown.
  • Carnifex. Stockades. Cooldown decreased from 5 to 4.
  • Carnifex. Convict the Guilty. Cooldown changed: target's current health.
  • Clamoris. Broken Heart. Basic cooldown decreased from 3 to 2.
  • Eresida. Webbing area changed. Target: any free hex on a straight line from this hero’s location.
  • Eresida. Cocoon. Skill reworked. Target: enemy hero on any hex on a straight line from this hero’s location. Moves the target one hex towards Eresida. Cooldown: 5 base, -1 for each hex between Eresida and the target.
  • Fidea. Retribution. Added condition of use. Target: enemy hero with a current health greater than Fidea's on a straight line from this hero’s location.
  • Fidea. Take Wing. Cooldown increased from 3 to 4.
  • Frigus. Shackling Cold. Basic cooldown decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Illesebra. Lifelust has been replaced by Hell Portal. Swaps with any allied hero. Cooldown: 5 turns.
  • Librorum. Knowledge is Power. The target of the attack has been changed. Target: any enemy hero in a hex of the same terrain type as Librorum.
  • Librorum. Light of Awareness has been replaced by Torch. Target: any hero in the tower’s control area. Moves any hero in the tower’s control area to an adjacent hex in the tower’s control area. Cooldown: 4 base, +1 if the target is an allied hero.
  • Lignum. Darkstrings. Skill reworked. Target: any enemy hero anywhere on the field. Moves the enemy to an adjacent free hex, behind which is any hero. Cooldown: 3 turns.
  • Lignum. Broken Will has been replaced by Lowered Hands. Target: any enemy hero anywhere on the field. Casts Attack Decrease. Cooldown: 4 base, -1 for each ally of the target near it.
  • Magnus. Field of Magnetism. Cooldown changed: 1 base, +1 for each enemy that received this effect.
  • Mortum. Bat Swarm area changed. Target: any free adjacent hex.
  • Saturn. Gravity Link. Cooldown decreased from 3 to 2.
  • Tempus. Time Loop. Cooldown increased from 3 to 4.
  • Tenebris. Shades. Attack Power changed. 0 base, +1 if there are two to four free hexes near the target, +2 if five.
  • Tenebris. Everpresence. Cooldown decreased from 5(-1) to 4.
  • Toxicum. Vial of Venom area changed. Target: enemy hero next to a Water hex on any hex on a straight line from this hero’s location.